Word Slinger Big Fish Games, Inc / GameHouse, Inc. 2005

This is a solitaire Scrabble variant. The player is presented with a selection of words (of 2 to 8 letters) and must place them horizontally or vertically to fit on a 15x15 board. Each level requires you to place or create a specified number of words to advance. In Strategy mode you have unlimited time for this; in Speed mode it must be done before the Word List is full. Once the target has been reached, the player can continue until the board is full, so as to improve the score. Words can interlock with other words (HAIL and LEAD sharing an A, for example), be placed at either end of existing words (most likely onto an S to play the plural form) or be placed alongside existing words, forming one or more 2-letter words (HOOP could go diagonally below LAST to form AH, SO and TO, for example). You are scored for the word you place and any new words created by it, so adding a word to an S scores two words, and the LAST-HOOP example would score four. The game uses a USA dictionary. The first move must be played onto a star – this is in a different place on each level, and early levels have two, allowing for 2 separate interlocking grids. The game can offer a Hint of a valid move – an extra one is available every time a level has been completed. Three words can be Discarded from the word list – this is more useful in Strategy mode. The boards contain an increasing number of custom squares as you play through the levels. These can double, triple or quadruple the value of a word, provide additional Hints or Discards, or act as barriers upon which no letter can be played.
Full Demo (GameHouse version) 3.5MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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