Maid to Maze: Anata no Soba ni [J] Gesakuza / cromwell 1999

The player must become a prince and gain public support by one year's succession to the throne. People's support can be raised by successfully exploring the dungeon. The prince will accompany the maids and will do a dungeon exploration. Maids fight monsters instead of prince in dungeon exploration. Therefore, the prince must make use of the work of the maids to make sure they can win against the monster. The game will proceed on a weekly basis and will explore the dungeon on weekends. During the first half of the week for 5 days we give instructions of work to the maids and we will cater for them. Once the maids grow up they will be able to use skills. On weekends, explore the dungeons and find treasure chests with fight items with monsters. When the maids win the monster you get the value of the merit value. The merit value is necessary for level up of the prince, and the prince can receive the monastic value in "Night garden" after exploring the dungeon. Whether the Prince can successfully explore the dungeon and become a king safely depends on your actions in a year. A country where the hero's prince is a quirky country made up of treasure found from the dungeon. One day the prince is told that he will succeed to the throne one year from the king. The hurried prince came up with thinking that I should go out dungeon exploration. Because the country is made up of dungeons, the public will pay attention to the outcome of the exploration. The Prince thought of making the exploration successful and gaining public support. However, the prince can not compete against the monster that is very weak and lives in the dungeon. So the prince thought to accompany the maid serving the prince as a bride candidate. Maids are girls of influential people in neighboring countries and towns, and they are excellent only in Bunmu. In the proposal of the prince the maid opposed the rebel is reckless, but I am promised to be pushed by the prince and go out for exploration. Well, a year later the Prince can safely be supported by the people and succeed the throne.
Japanese ISO Demo 42MB (uploaded by annoyment)

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