Last Dawn, The: Tales of Arthfael Black Duck Studio 2012

This hidden object adventures presents a legendary story of a brave man, it is a quest driven game. The main advantages of the game are the following: beautiful art work and chromatics, relaxing story and game play, voice over and music, 3 levels of difficulty, option to choose shapes or words when looking for the hidden objects, player oriented, user friendly and unidirectional as it follows a simple but motivational aim. A metaphoric, legendary story in a great kingdom, the Batavian Lands, ruled by powerful King Belenos whose daughter, princess Ephila is the Bions keeper. The Bions are the seamless artifacts which control the Sun and the Moon. The evil forces controlled by Bucca, Princess of the darkness, steal the magic Bions and kidnap princess Ephila. The Kingdom is in great danger and the King is looking for that brave man who can defeat the forces of evil and restore peace to his Kingdom. Arthfael, a simple blacksmith but a brave man enrolls in this impossible quest against evil. There will be many adventures on the way to save the kingdom and Princess Ephila, enhanced by 3D animations, special effects, voice overs.
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Full Demo v1.0 247MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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