Kkoma Tokki Toby [K] Digital Dreams multimedia / Animedia 1999

An exciting adventure with the pure Korean character little rabbit Toby. Green stars, Animal kingdom... The various times and adventures of Toby the rabbit are happening here. Three older goats, chimpanzees, and wolves assist the tiger king. The goat is magic, the chimpanzee is a clever wit, and the wolf is the captain of action. One day in a peaceful animal kingdom. the number of strange animals grew by one and two. They did not talk to the animals and lived only among them. The benevolent Tiger King sends a chimpanzee to the ambassador to make peace with them. However, the chimpanzee ambassador does not return causing a cloud of war. Features: the concept of 3D characters and maps in the first domestic game with full polygons; Image (due diligence) of the character's opening vocals and endings; Differentiated stages and clean graphics; Excellent BGM and ending song to further heighten the game atmosphere; Easy user interface and joystick support for PC; More than 20 cute characters and items requiring selection; Different games in each stage.
Korean ISO Demo + Patch 24MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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