Zeran's Folly Myroid-Type Comics 2017

This is a story-driven action-adventure with fluid melee combat, four unique playable characters, and a twisted sense of humor. Follow the adventures of Lone as he scours the land for the artifacts that will do... something. In the end, Lone will have to choose between his friends or abandoning everything he's worked for. What would you choose? Switch instantly between four unique playable characters anywhere in the world, each with their own abilities. Each character has multiple talents that can change their abilities and playstyle. Tons of rings to find and equip that have effects from increasing money drops to changing attacks. Look your best with tons of alternate outfits for each character. Six huge dungeons to conquer. Restart a new game with all your stuff by reliving your memories (New Game +). Never lose progress from dying - just revive at the last Whisper Stone save point. Extend your survivability with your trusty Hip Flask, an upgradeable health potion. Rich and touching story, although it's more like a bad touch. Absolutely stunning art that's a feast for the eyes and possibly genitals. Fully supports and provides extra gameplay features for gamepads/controllers. A neato soundtrack that bounces from island beats to cool country to headbanging metal. Future content updates that will more than double the size of the game, from new dungeons to additional characters.
Download: None currently available

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