Rogue Quest: The Vault of the Lost Tyrant Expera Game Studio 2017

This is a commercial game in the formerly free Flash adventure game series. Cassandra Nech is one of the members in the renowned Rogue's Guild, which gathers adventurers and treasure hunters - the most skilled, the bravest, the most resourceful ever. Armed with her trusty crossbow, Antoinette, Cassandra is trying to recover the legendary Sea Tyrant's treasure, who was a long-time forgotten warlord; an easy task, to one like her. Still, things could be not that easy: it looks like someone else is looking for that treasure. Moreover, something dangerous could be hiding in those ancient caves. Something dark and... terrible. Features: A funny, adventurous and original story; Pixel graphic and retro-style gameplay; No pixel hunting; In game hints system.
Download: None currently available

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