Dark Sisterhood: The Initiation Blue Lizard Games / Big Fish Games 2013

After receiving a letter from an old friend, you start a journey to the remote island of Cold Peak, a place with its own traditions where people observe a forgotten way of life. In this village ruled by fear and arcane traditions, you are drawn into a web of ancient cults and murderous deceit, where villagers are bound together by the law of silence. In order to save a little girl's life, you will have to unveil the mystery surrounding a cruel witch-hunt and the events that triggered it. Gain the confidence of the secretive people of Cold Peak in order to get closer to the truth and save the innocent. An intriguing story and immersive atmosphere. Reveal an ancient power and discover the truth of Cold Peak.
Full Demo v1.0.0.8 728MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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