Puzzler World 2013 Ideas Pad / Koch Media 2012

This is the fourth entry of the Puzzler World series of video games (based on the British puzzling magazines by Puzzler Media). Unlike previous Puzzler World efforts, this game now includes 17 modes of puzzles to play, including brand new entries like Number Jig (similar to Fitword but with numbers), Maze-A-Pix (draw a path to the exit, revealing an awesome picture in the process) and Loko (a puzzle where you need to connect several nodes to make a continuous pathway). New bonus games also include Anagram (gather several letters on the screen to make a word based on the clue) and Symbols (drag the correct mathematical symbols to make equations). Unlike the previous entries, Split Words is now available as a main game rather than a bonus game. The Trophy Room and Master Mode are once again present, and also new to this game is the Fruit Machine (which still offers players Hint Tokens and Puzzler Letters), replacing the Prize Wheel and Prize Board of the previous games. It now offers French, German, Spanish and Italian languages (as well as the default English) to appeal to European players.
Multi6 ISO Demo 172MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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