Bear Hero [Tw] Zhiguan / Soft-World 2000

Fairy tale style platform game, with characters in full 3D with a cute British bear as the hero. The game uses 3D stereoscopic technology and has maze scenes, monsters in a foggy gardenin a children's style and parks, a haunted house are beautiful and gives a gorgeous stunning feeling. The story is of the devil who asks a Prince in a ceremony to find the legendary stone "stone of life" before he becomes a full adult. In order to pass the test of the devil, he must search every corner of the world, hoping to find gems, but looking for a long time still no gains. When he was about to give up, the beauty and vitality of the castle made him suspicious, and intuition that the castle must have his goal but nothing is found. There is a beautiful princess in the castle, the princess and the protagonist "Willy Bear" fell in love, unfortunately Willie bear out to practice, when it returned to the castle ... castle was gone? After understanding the whole story, Willie bear brave to the Devil to save the beloved princess and all the residents of the castle. The player controls the Willie bear in the action or attack which are quite flexible. In addition to the simple swing action, the Willie bear can do sprint, running, poly gas and other attacks. In addition, players must also use a variety of offensive props clever use of trap switches, weapons and equipment, to help players pass by. For example, it can be in the narrow channel, a thunder and lightning emitter, and then inducethe monster to come into an urn to catch a turtle; or the nasty monster lured to the trap area. The monsters are changed into a string of hot dancers There's all kinds of novelty and interesting weapons and strange trap mechanism, so you can decide in the battle of the way to change. The game sets up a variety of clearance conditions, and sometimes you may need to rack their brains to find a way to solve the riddle. The enemies have a lovely design, all kinds of monsters have different characters and attack abilities. Like a lovely monster Slime, who will always hide in the dark, and then secretly release the shock to attack you. Also, for the addition of "water, fire, mine," the three attributes of the points, each attribute of the monster, have their corresponding action patterns and attack methods. Before the fight against the monster, please go to the store to prepare weapons, with different monsters deal with, to use different methods to fight back.
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Chinese ISO Demo 233MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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