School Zone: Alphabet Express School Zone Publishing Company 1999

Help your preschooler learn - and love - the letters of the alphabet. Hop aboard the Alphabet Express Software for a fun-filled learning adventure. A friendly alligator conductor guides little ones through every activity, providing help and encouragement. Your child will enjoy exploring all the letter scenes and discovering each object that triggers a whimsical, surprising animation that will motivate and bring smiles. This award-winning program explores each letter in a variety of alphabet games and activities. For example, click here and match the letter shown to an object whose name begins with the same letter. Or click there to find all the "u" words at the circus. The software features colorful letter scenes, an alphabet song, a fun firehouse game, 30 dot-to-dot puzzles, 15 maze puzzles, 10 hidden letter pictures, movies, and more. Plus, there are 78 coloring pages - 26 that also include writing practice - for on-screen and off-screen creativity. The pages can be printed to encourage children to practice each letter of the alphabet. Features: Easy navigation with friendly audio guidance; A range of high-energy activities maximize challenge and variety; Detailed animations enhance focus and imagination. Skills: alphabet; alphabetical order; letter sounds; letter recognition; eye-hand coordination; beginning sounds; lowercase letters; uppercase letters; matching; pairing; letter-object association; following directions.
ISO Demo 284MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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