Yahtzee Deluxe Zylom Media Group BV / GameHouse, Inc. 2007

Hasbro's Yahtzee gives players a set of five dice, with the aim of obtaining a scoring combination from three rolls (keeping any dice they like after each of the first two). There are 13 of these scoring combinations - The Upper Section allows you to only count dice of a particular digit (with a 35-point bonus if you total more than 63 (effectively, three of each)), while the Lower Section rewards specific tricks, such as small and large straights (runs of four and five consecutive numbers respectively) and the Yahtzee - five of a kind. You have 13 turns each, and if you can't score in a box, you must zero one. The strategy is therefore to maximise each box to obtain the best overall score. You can play the game this way, but two new modes are added to the computerised implementation. Triple Yahtzee maximises this strategic element - you play 39 turns each on a scorecard with 3 columns worth single, double and treble points. Strategy is therefore more advanced - Is a 3-of-a-kind score of 23 worth trebling, or could you get better in a future roll? Should a roll of four sixes go on your triple-score Upper Section, or on the double-score one which is marginal on reaching the bonus? Should you give up on the single-score Upper Section, and use it as a 'dump' for bad combinations? The Power Yahtzee mode is the meat of the game. On a standard gamesheet, you play as standard, but using advanced power-ups. These can guide you to favourable moves, inflict bad luck on opponents, block out certain squares on your opponent's board, and so on. Winning games of this unlocks further powerups.
Full Demo 17MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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