Mind of Marlo, The Point Bleep Studios / Flying Interactive 2017

"It's called Spontaneous Silly Head Syndrome and it affects fewer than 1 in 7 billion...." Meet Marlo Davenport. Marlo was born with a curious case of Spontaneous Silly Head Syndrome, a rare disorder which makes the individual suffer temporary transformations. How does Marlo cope with such a condition, and is there a cure? Join Marlo in this one of a kind narrative driven, mockumentary style adventure game. Learn about Marlo's life through compelling monologues, solve fun puzzles to help him overcome his odd condition and figure out just what the heck is happening to him! Not everything is as it seems as you'll discover unravelling Marlo's strange story. What happened to Marlo's father? Who is this Linda he keeps talking about? Why does he keep changing into a slug? Presented as a lo-res hour long documentary film with fully voice acted talking heads, it's best described as an absurd combination of TV show The Office and classic point and click adventure games of yore. Features: A compelling narrative told in an interactive documentary style; Over 20 minutes of recorded dialogue; Intuitive point and click puzzle gameplay; Fairly nice music; Square Nudity; Drama; At least 3 good jokes.
Download: None currently available

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