Adventure Inlay GameHouse, Inc. 2004

Take the adventure of a lifetime in a shape matching puzzle game with an African safari or savannah theme. While each of the modes varies in rules, each shares a common method of play: The player's goal is to remove or cover the triangular blocks (often forming a larger image of an animal) from play. The player does this by using an accumulating series of stones (blocks) in various shapes scrolling across the bottom of the screen (the player's "feed area") from right to left. When reaching the left side of the feed area, these pieces start to stack. The player must use (or discard) these pieces as soon as possible for if the stack reaches the right side of the screen, the player loses. Players can rotate the stones they pickup to better fit the blocks they're trying to fill. Occasionally two special power-ups appear: the wand which will magically create stones in the area it's used, and the pickaxe which will smash unwanted stones from the feed area or the play area. The player's score accumulates with stones successfully used and bonus points are awarded for selecting triangular blocks with a spinning star on them. This is packed front to back with hand crafted levels and ingenious game play. Challenge yourself with four distinctly addictive game modes. Traditional mode will keep you on your toes. Strategery lets you plan your moves carefully. Revealer mode will peak your curiosity. Enigma mode provides a relaxing and mind bending puzzle. Features: 4 Amazing Game Modes; Save your progress as your adventure unfolds; Travel through five regions; Over 60 wildlife landscapes.
Full Demo (GameHouse version) 8.9MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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