Super Pool GameHouse, Inc. 2003

Amateurs and hustlers alike are lining up to take their shot at Super Pool. This unique pool simulation features six popular games and two stunning camera views. Whether you play by yourself, with a friend, or against the computer, it's sure to delight and entertain for hours on end. Features: six classic games, easy-to-use controls, Overhead or Hyper views, a 3D cue stick,and customizable options. Whether you consider yourself a billiards hustler or simply want to improve your game, it makes an excellent pick. Although this game includes standard pool variations such as eight-ball and nine-ball, you also can play lesser-known games, such as American. The graphics are great, and the realistic sound effects will fool you into thinking you are at an actual pool hall, but you can turn them off if you don't agree. Ball movement and trajectory are spot-on, and beginners will appreciate the inclusion of help arrows for calculating the appropriate shot angle. Consistently beating even the easiest computer opponent will prove to be a rather daunting task, but you can take on a friend if you best all of your virtual foes.
Full Demo (GameHouse version) 3.6MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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