Varmintz Deluxe Skunk Studios, LLC. / GameHouse Inc. 2004

Your mission in this game is to get the five Varmintz, some sort of raccoons, to the safe place inside their dens. The five Varmintz are: Binki, Shady, Rubin, Bean, and Lulu. The game offers 10 different worlds to play. Each world consists of 6 levels, one level per Varmint, and an additional bonus level. You need to complete one world in order to proceed to the next one. When you start a level, you are giving control over your Varmint, at the very southern part of the level. Your destination is the very northern part of the level, there are the five dens, where each of them must be filled with a Varmint. The level is filled with obstacles, and enemies. And since you don't have a weapon, all you can do is to avoid all the enemies in order to get to your destination. For this, the two Power-Ups in the game will help you. These are Freeze (will freeze all enemies, but also rafts for a few seconds) and Potion (will make you invisible, so the enemies can’t catch you). The enemies include animals, people, cars, and trains, sometimes they are normal, but sometimes they are crazy, like pigs with revolvers riding on horses. Furthermore you must avoid water, since you can’t swim. But you can use tree logs and other things as a raft to cross them. If a chasm blocks your way, you can jump above clouds to do the same. On your way to the dens, your mission is to collect Golden Eggz. One is worth 1000 points, and once you have collected 50 of them, you are granted an extra life. Sometimes there are Trash Cans in a level, which are worth 10 Golden Eggz. And in rare occasions there are Golden Varmintz Heads, which are worth one extra life. In addition, there is a Clock, which will give you extra time (5 sec) in the next bonus level. Clocks are cumulative, so you can collect much time for every 6th level. When you die in a level, you can start from a Checkpoint, you don’t need to play the entire level a second time. But that does not mean, that you can't save the game when you leave it. Just not inside the game.
Full Demo (GameHouse version) 5.9MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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