Moorfrog ak tronic Software & Services GmbH / phenomedia publishing gmbh, Sproing Interactive Media GmbH 2003

Yet another member of the Moorhuhn-Family hits the computer screens. This little green frog is on his way to the spawning grounds where he was born. The game's objective is to guide three frogs per level to the safety of a water lily. On their way they can catch insects with their sticky tongues to improve the total score. But one can also lose points by catching a barbed insect. The greatest danger comes from the road that lies between the frog and its destination. The player has to be careful not to let the frog get caught by the passing trucks. Some of them carry stars which can be collected. If one has collected 10 stars, an additional life is granted. The green fellow is controlled by keyboard. The game is about speed and dexterity and is based on Frogger gameplay.
Moorfrosch - German ISO Demo 91MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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