Zootopia: Crime Files Hibernum Créations Inc. / Disney Mobile 2016

An un-fur-gettable hidden object adventure. Partner up with ZPD officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde and unleash your crime solving skills in this wildly fun puzzle game. Sniff out crime scenes, discover clues, and analyze evidence to restore paw and order to Zootopia. Join fur-miliar faces - Work with Officer Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and call for backup from ZPD's finest including Clawhauser, Grizzoli, Rhinowhitz, and Chief Bogo. Investigate crime scenes - Use your animal instincts to hop around Zootopia and discover hidden objects. Collect clues - Visit the laboratory where Hurriet the sloth will... help... you... analyze... your... evidence. Activate special abilities - Unleash boosters like the Sloth Slowdown, the Tiger Tracker, and the Cheetah's Charge to help you tail and outfox suspects, and crack cases. Discover iconic Zootopia places like Savanna Central Station, the Plaza, Lemming Bros. Bank, Little Rodentia—and more.
Windows 8/10 Free Game (uploaded by Microsoft Store)

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