Timmy & Gordi's Math Invaders / Play & Explore Maths Ages 4 - 6 Compedia / Global Software Publishing 1998

3D Action adventure game to help build Maths skills. Viruses are invading the computer and Gordi needs your help. Children play the part of an elite anti-virus exterminator and must stop it attacking the main computer by zapping their way through Maths challenges, puzzles and 3D action adventure games. Key Features: 3D Action adventure full of Maths puzzles, games and challenges; Combines teaching Maths with exciting gameplay; Includes 15 in-depth learning chapters; Adjustable levels of difficulty; Features animated cartoon character Gordi; Games have multiple levels. This program is designed to help children with: Counting Addition and Subtraction; Relationships between numbers; Odd and even numbers; Multiplication; Geometric Shapes; Matching groups with numbers.
ISO Demo 161MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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