Bibi Blocksberg 1: Auf der Suche nach dem Superhexspruch [G] BVM Produktion / KIDDINX 2000

A creativity-enhancing game for children from 4 years, based on motives of the popular series around the little witch Bibi Blocksberg. Every 777 years, three witches together must put a spell on all the witches words that have ever been pronounced but have remained ineffective. Unfortunately, something goes wrong this time, and all three witches paralyzed to stone. Now, only Bibi can help. In order to reverse the petrification, she needs the "Superhexspruch" ("Super Witches Spell") and the help of two green witches. Schubia can only help if your broom kawakasi works again. But where is the only spare part? Flauipaui's help brings Bibi to a bewitched tree. Can you find something here to break the spell? All evidence leads to Mania's house, but that's overgrown with plants. How does Bibi get in there? And what is to be done in Mania's Hexlabor and her broom museum? To make matters worse, the released hexes also cause all sorts of chaos. Will Bibi be able to break the spell and free her mother, Amanda and Mania from petrifaction? Help Bibi with her adventure and seek with her the super hex spell that can break the spell. Includes a Screensaver (navigate to the folder "Bildschirmschoner", drag the file "BB_Saver" found in the folder "Inhalt auf Systemordner ziehen!" onto the system folder.
German ISO Demo 247MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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