Wonder, A Class of 2016-2017 / Campus ADN 2017

This is a student project made in 15 weeks. It is the result of a 1-year program at Le Campus ADN. It's a 3rd person stealth/puzzle game set in a sunken city. Stuck in the depths of the sea, Alana will have to explore this dormant world in order to reactivate it. In doing so, she must remain hidden from lurking creatures, hostile to any outsider who dares to venture into this derelict place. Le Campus ADN is a school dedicated to video game making. Set in Montreal, every year, three groups are formed in level design, 3D art and 3D animation. After learning the basics of their respective fields during the 2 first semesters, they join forces during the third one to create a game. The 2016-2017 class produced 2 games: A Wonder and Solveigh.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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