Illville: Return instructions Tusha Works 2017

This is a gloomy 3D adventure set in an English village controlled by a secret organization. Try to escape from this town and distrust the people you might encounter. Even during the hardest moments there is always someone keeping their eyes on you. But who do these eyes belong to? A friend or foe? Thrilling action - Take part in this classic 90's-style 3D adventure surrounded by the tremor and mysteries of a mature storyline. Unveil what is going on in Illville and get back home safe and sound. The game introduces a complex plot which requires communication with the characters to fully understand what's going on in the village. The sense of peril will not abandon you throughout the whole quest. Puzzle solving - Decipher different enigmas as you interact with the inhabitants of this town. Analyze your dialogues with the people you meet up with to find out the clue to the obscurity of the people in Illville.
Download: None currently available

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