Saru Suberi [J] Witty Wolf / Tanyo Co Ltd 1997

This is a Japanese puzzle game whose title translates to Slippery Monkeys. It has a mixture of the rules of "sea battle" and Duck Hunt (game for NES, where you had to shoot ducks from a light gun), but instead of quacking birds - monkeys. There is a jungle - a field the size of 12x10, on which the monkey hides. You have an unlimited number of arrows, which you need to "beat" this primate. The only question is how to do it: after all, a monkey, controlled by a computer, moves after each shot. And then the logical part begins, for each arrow after falling into any square of the field begins to act like a mine. And if the monkey on such a "mined" field turns out, then she will have hard times, and you can catch her. That is, the tactic is to drive the monkey to where it can not get out... but it's not so simple. The game has 60 levels, and the described approach works only on the first five or six, - then the monkeys will begin to hide not only in neighboring cells, but across the entire field. However, these displacements are subject to certain regularities. The player's task is to understand them and scatter boom-traps where the monkey is supposed to appear. But that's not all. At later levels, the movements of the primate will depend on the location of the arrow and the location of the already existing traps, which makes the task even more difficult. The game, of course, has clues, but to read them you need to know Japanese, and a simple understanding of hiragana with katakana will not be enough.
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Japanese ISO Demo (provided by Rodwod & upped by myloch) 78MB

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