Bibi Blocksberg 2: Ein verhexter Schultag [G] Kiddinx Entertainment GmbH 2000

Find the teachers and save the school. As soon as the school has started again, even the mayor comes into the classroom and gives a rather boring speech to the students, the director and some teachers. Clear that Bibi would rather show her friends Marita and Florian a new hex. But just when the mayor announces that the school gets only half as much money and Bibi says her hex, it is distracted. The hex word goes wrong and the mayor, the director and the teachers become chickens who flee. They can only be retweeted together and simultaneously. So Bibi tries to catch the chickens again with Florian and Marita. Help Bibi find the teacher and save the school with her! Throughout the schoolhouse are hidden hints and tools that would like to be found and above all used correctly. The blackboard in the classroom has to be cleaned first, as the math chicken plays a tricky game. But where is the chalk? Why are there no notes in the music room, and what secrets does the loft contain?
German ISO Demo 149MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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