Blupi At Home Epsitec SA 1995

Learn the alphabet with Blupi. This is based on the first game with Blupi first released on Smaky computers in 1988. When you press a key, Blupi will do something related to the letter pressed. The aim of the game is for the kid to associate each of the 26 letters to each of Blupi's 26 actions. Even if the child cannot read, it will very quickly know which letter leads to which action. For instance, if he presses B, Blupi will take a Bath. What's more, each action is brought up by a short sentence. Some actions lead to simple games: Draw with fun tools; Recognize numbers; Match a shape with its shadow; Spot the odd-one out. Press letter Z to zigzag down to the drawing room. There are 4 basic tools: The pencil - Choose from 4 different sizes and 8 colours; The stamp, with a collection of 10 symbols; The "make your own Blupi" - You can choose and mix each of the 8 parts of your character, giving all of 2'332'800 different Blupis; The eraser. In 1999, a pre-rendered graphics Windows version was released. The game is now freeware.
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Freeware ISO Demo + Manual, Freeware 1999 ISO Demo 2+8MB/30MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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