Color Trilogy Rolling Press Multimedia / Informatique System France (ISF) 1995

The story unfolds in the future, in 2136. As often when we look into the future, the Earth has become an imperialist power that explores the Universe and exploits its resources, thanks to technologies capable of making its astronauts travel to the far reaches of distant galaxies. In this future, it is the multinational firms that run everything and finance the expeditions that serve their interests, much like in the plot of " The Orion Conspiracy ". You play the pilot Bob Galaxor, who must investigate three mysterious disappearances in same part of the universe. Your latest ship, the Star Rainbow VII , is sucked into a kind of wormhole as you hover over the VIRGO interstellar system region. Your aircraft is projected into an unlisted solar system, where three suns sparkle. Your connections are cut off and you land on an unknown planet, where the desert seems to cover the whole country. This planet, Ios, was mapped by the on-board computer, and when your character regains consciousness, he (you) must discover the geographical coordinates of his position to leave, but also look for traces of the missing are available in the many places to visit. The graphics are inspired by Myst and it has some rpg elements. Check your score by pressing F1: you have life points, experience, strength and intelligence. The solving of puzzles and the progress in the plot will give you points. On the other hand, the atmosphere of Ios being harmful, your points of life fall as soon as you leave your ship to explore a place. Therefore, it will be necessary to go to the bottom of your ship to activate regeneration, which gives you back your capital points of life. You must learn to concoct an antidote that will preserve your health points. At the front of your ship, you have a screen that provides access to the map of this planet. And when interesting places are swept by your cursor, you see a heart beat. Note the geographical coordinates of these places on which you are teleporting. If your life goes down to 4, or below, you will not be able to enter the places you want to visit. So you have to go regenerate in your ship. To save or load a game, you must also be on board your ship, and press the Space key. As long as you are in crawl mode, you click on zones, looking for interactivity with environments. Observe, to find artifacts or levers capable of opening doors or secret passages, in the City of Nokva, for example. In each place, the sky takes the color of one of the three suns (blue, green or red) which informs you about the peaceful or bellicose aspect of the creatures you will encounter. There may be fighting going on between your Bob character and a native. It's the right click that will save your life, provided you draw and shoot faster than your shadow. The characters are corruptible, interested, fearful, boastful ... and to win their trust or respect, it will bring them objects, barter, steal, negotiate.
French ISO Demo / Ready-to-play Full Demo + Manual 255 / 321MB + 3MB (uploaded by Abandonware France)

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