Archimoulin Nicolas Duboc 2017

This is not just a mill. Forget about the classic flour mill or the boring lumber mill. Make room for The Archimoulin. Everything is possible in it. A fruit mill, a cream mill, an egg mill... What do you need? The Archimoulin has it. Will you be brave enough to make it all work to prepare the birthday cake of the century? This 15 minutes 2D plateformer game narrates the adventure of a little boy through a giant windmill, trying to gather the ingredients needed for his mother's birthday cake. Be aware this is a student game. It has been cut in order to deliver a finished product. The game seems to automatically run with the lowest graphics quality, wich really impact it. If your hardware is good enough, change the quality to "Fantastic" in the launcher.
Free Game 119MB (uploaded by

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