Wanderoos Go to Town, The Optical Data Corp. / Kinderventures, SoftKey 1994

The Wanderoos are at it again, this time in town. You'll recall Pocket and Tails, the ever-so-lovable, ever-so-curious Wanderoos, that debuted in their first game - The Wanderoos Go Exploring. This time they will lead your child out of Trees N' More Forest into Wanderooville, where a whole new set of learning adventures await discovery. Once again, the sights and sounds of the world are brought to life in interactive multimedia. And just to keep things moving, the wily Wanderoos are still demanding popcorn and still challenging your child to beat them at a game of educational hide-and-seek. It was created by Optical Data, a trusted source of interactive educational programs for over a decade. More than 14,000 schools nationwide use programs produced by them. Now we're bringing the revolution we started in the classroom to your home computer. Stroll along Main Street and discover the learning adventures waiting inside the buildings of Wanderooville. This trip to the doctor's office won't hurt. You'll have a blast learning about taking care of yourself. At the museum you'll discover that the Wanderoos have unusual taste in art and science. Mahoney's Garage offers you a multimedia look at the world of work and the jobs that people do. Create your very own Wanderoos, making them as cool or as nerdy as you want. Study the alphabet, shapes and colors interactively with a laser videodisc player and electronic blackboard. Fill the multimedia journal with your favorite pictures, movies, sounds and notes. Join the Wanderoos around the campfire and show them the pictures from your journal.
ISO Demo 121MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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