Gordi's Enchanted Playroom Compedia 1998

Rejoin Gordi in his game room and go on an adventure with his companions. The children will have a good time with a whole series of activities ranging from the simplest skills for the youngest to the most stimulating exercises for the older ones. Hours of entertainment with a variety of riddles, puzzles and musical games as well as many other engaging multi-level activities. The game starts off in a children's playroom where you can select which toy you would like to play with. These toys become your children's playmates for the games they are about to play. For instance, if you select the Teddy Bear and click on the jigsaw piece, then you are taken to a new area where you must select a picture and then put the jigsaw together. There are usually four pieces to the jigsaw, so this is great for kids aged around 3. Once the puzzle has been put together, the picture will make a noise such as puppy noises to indicate that it has been completed successfully. Some of the other games include the traditional game of pong where you must make sure Gordi does not fall into the water and various other puzzle games. This teaches children coordination skills and how to use a mouse properly. Everything in the game has speech and sound, so this will keep your kids glued to the computer. The beauty of ingame speech is that children will not get stuck in certain parts of the game as the computer will help them out. The graphics look very much like a completed colouring book. Everything is simple, colourful and sharp.
Gordi En El Cuarto De Los Juguetes - Spanish ISO Demo 62MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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