Telltale Texas Hold 'Em Telltale, Inc. 2005

This is a casual poker from the creators of the revived Sam & Max series of games, Telltale. As suggested by the title the only poker present here is Texas Hold'em. The player must compete with four characters, each with his own unique personality and appearance - not that dissimilar in style to the characters seen in Sam & Max games. During the course of the game, they will comment on everything, changing their responses and reactions properly according to the situation. For example an "All In" move will inevitably cause surprises on the characters' faces. Apart from that the characters may engage into an idle humorous banter, talking about things unrelated to the game and happening for comic relief only. While not aimed towards serious poker game simulation the game takes pride in its humorous and light-weight approach to the subject, and cleverly scripted AI that allows characters react accordingly to every game situation.
Full Demo 18MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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