Rokko Chan King Soukutu 2011

This is a Flash Game in faithful homage to the Mega Man franchise, specifically the classic games (with some elements from the X series thrown in). The plot revolves around Dr. Thane attempting to create a young Robot Girl with a human memory. He succeeds, but then she goes out to fight Dr. Mad, who is trying to Take Over the World with his six robots. The mechanics deviate slightly from the Rockman series. Rokko has a bigger jump, for one. Her dash isn't as functional or low-ducking as Rockman's slide or X's dash, but it works for short speed bursts. The stage select features 6 bosses instead of 8 (an ode to the original Rockman). I haven't made it through all the bosses yet, but I found some neat mechanics such as stage rotating and vine swinging so far. It's difficulty and long stages have a few breather spots at the mid point and before the boss fight, along with a Rockman 2 style password system for saving progress. Players have their choice of twitch input, too: keyboard or JoytoKey. Equally important is the sound, and it's filled with amazing Rockman-esque chiptunes.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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