Refixion III: The Reindeer Story [MAC] Synergy Interactive 1993

This contains two "Macromind Director" movies. One is "The Reindeer Story." If you double-click this icon, you can see the main story with sound. Another one is "Music Track" in which you can listen to the 16-bit CD-DA sound as great as you imagine. Macintosh IIfx is recommended. If you use on a slower Macintosh it may result in music being out of sync with the pictures. The software is designed to work in 256 color mode. It may quit automatically if a different color mode is used. In case of running under System 7.0 or later, Virtual Memory must be off and 32-bit addressing must be turned on. This is a multimode CD with 6 audio tracks.
MAC ISO Demo 270MB (uploaded by Macintosh Garden)

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