Vovochka and Petechka [Ru] Avalon Style Entertainment / 1C 2002

From the developer of the game Plasticine Dream, the plot of the game is based on the story of the adventures of two bosom friends - Vovochka and Petechka, who, leaving their home school, went in search of dangers, troubles and thrills. Ahead of them are truly awesome events - and the kidnapping of the class magazine, and the disassembly with the senile high school student Goose, and the imprisonment in the school closet, and the love of classmates, and the exposure of the formidable director ... In short, hundreds of jokes plus a bit of black humor - and before you the game , which will make you happy and help you relax, distracted from the pressing problems, immersed in a world of fun and moderate insanity. The game has more than forty characters: from teachers to schoolchildren, teenagers, schoolmates of the main characters. Sami Vovochka and Petechka are something like Beavis and Butthead in Russia. However, the main difference between the "sweet couple" is that they are smart guys who are not looking for easy ways and are not boring nerds. Yes, they are obviously a hooligan warehouse, but they are not idiots at all. In addition, Vovochka and Petechka are representatives of two main youth areas. Vovochka is a rapper (at least, trying to be like that), Petechka is a metalist, a fan of heavy guitar riffs and steel rivets on clothes. Also in the game there is a cult personality of modern history - "Mary Ivanna", teacher of English. In total there are twenty level screens in the game. The transition to the next level is carried out after the task of the previous one. In the course of passing the player decides various puzzles, controlling the actions of both characters in turn, each of which in its own way affects the surrounding objects. In some cases, you have to use both at once.
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Russian 2CD ISO Demo 503MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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