Bibi Blocksberg 4: Das vertauschte Hexenkraut [G] Kiddinx 2001

Together with her friend Marita, Bibi wants to organize a party for her birthday. But unfortunately she exchanges two witch-herbs in the birthday cake and the two are transferred forty years into the past. You have to help Bibi find the right witch herb in the past, which will bring her back to the present. Fortunately, Aunt Mania is already helpful 40 years ago and gives both a tip and her snoop pig. On their adventurous search, Bibi and Marita meet, among others, the mayor and his secretary Pichler as children, find a sailboat that needs repairing and come across an old ruin in the forest. But where is the witch-herb?
German ISO Demo 133MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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