Bonnie's Bookstore New Crayon Games, LLC / PopCap Games, Inc. 2005

This is a word-puzzle game in the style of Bookworm. Help Bonnie in her career as a children's book author by stringing together letters to form words and score points. Play 50 levels inspired by classic fairy tales in either classic (untimed) or action (timed) play mode. Letters used are eliminated from the board, but wild cards, writer's blocks (blocks that literally prevent you from forming a word), and cycling tiles may pop up to keep the game interesting! And don't worry if you get stuck; use the "Scramble" option to mix things up a bit (although you'll lose a turn and gain a writer's block). It can be played on three levels of difficulty: normal, hard, and genius. A Hall of Fame tracks players' highest scores, longest words played, and average word length.
Deluxe Full Demo v1.01 10MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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