Demon Hunter Mai [J] Watanabe Manufacturing Corp. / French Bread 2000

This is a doujin game that is probably a little dated at this point but offers some quite interesting straightforward gameplay. You play as Mai as she travels through a number of 2D side scrolling stages against a stream of enemies to rescue Sayuri, who appears to have been kidnapped for some reason. Mai has her sword as her primary weapon, that she can slash with rapidly and will be the focus of the assault. She can also pick up subweapons, like throwing knives and fire extinguishers, and use them by pressing up and attack. Mai can only hold one subweapon at a time and thus drops the previous one when she collects a new one and each subweapon use consumes part of her blue gauge (refilled by collecting food items along the way). In terms of movements, Mai can double jump, which is mainly used to dodge around enemies than actual platforming (though the latter does happen). She can dive down with a kick (down + jump in the air) which quickens her descent and the kick will hurt an enemy and bounce Mai off them. On the ground, down + jump does a slide. Mai is invincible during the slide and is pretty much a requirement to clearing some of the bosses. It's a hard slash em up. You'll learn to hate the bomb throwing keropi's and the cupid's firing arrows. They are not bad on their own but they are typically either with other enemies or right near pits. Just imagine trying to dodge a barrage of bombs being hurled at you while you have bunnies trying to slash you, aliens zapping you and/or pits trying to kill you. Most sub bosses are pushovers once you figure out their patterns. Main bosses seem to go up and down in difficulty. Stage 3 has 2 bosses, but the 2nd is easier to beat than all the ones before. Likewise, stage 4 boss is difficult enough to make stage 5 and 6 bosses look like pushovers. However, this does rely on knowing the trick to each one, because otherwise you just get your ass handed to you (stage 5 boss especially, who will knock off a large chunk of health if she catches you with her main attack).
Japanese ISO Demo 355MB (uploaded by myloch)

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