Super Ball King [Tw] Funyours / Third Wave Information Co., Ltd. 2002

There are a total of six unique world scenes in the game, these scenes will not only wavering, there will be some like clouds, butterflies, squid or fish and other objects in the background activities, and each world scene. It will contain 3 to 5 different background styles, enriching the player's visual enjoyment. Characteristics of the scenes: First, the forest (the hometown of Pharaohs and animals, but also the starting point for players); Second, the prairie (Hippopotamus kingdom, the endless grasslands, tall and dense forests and gurgling streams) people feel very comfortable; Third, the seabed (the king of the sea, the dark underwater world, filled with the land with a very different colorful scenery, as well as small squid groups around to swim): Fourth, the volcano (Fire Dragon King's territory, full Hot magma, sinister terrain strongly show different past feelings); Fifth, the sky (black angel territory, Finally embarked on the soft white clouds, and the blue sky makes it feel good in the sky); Sixth, the clouds (black angel castle, Full of strange clouds of dark atmosphere, people involuntarily feel the suspense heighten). Player after passing through various exciting levels, in order to ease the tense overwrought feelings of the players, the game has produced a lot different from the way of alternative ontology Games to help players relax. These little games do not need to use cumbersome skills, more difficult enemies obstruct, let you easily get high scores, make treasures: Turned ghost cards - three chances to turn cards have a treasure, can enhance the strength of the role of player; Gem collection - within the specified time to collect falling gems to increase scores. When the different characters cooperate with each other to play the game, it's fun but solo people will also find it interesting. Features: Multi-role, multi-stunt, super string ball skills; Rich levels, 100% adventure equation; exquisite fun casual games; The whole family together can play to increase the fun of parent-child games.
Chinese ISO Demo 353MB (uploaded by myloch)

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