Elsa's Greenland Adventure Kostiantyn Malynovskyi 2013

Experience the birth of the terror that gripped the island of Greenland in the Elsa Adventures series of hidden object adventure games. Take the role of a gifted detective who's always trusted his intellect and never given a second thought to the horrors hidden in the dark corners of the world. Watch his survival instincts kick in as he travels to Greenland to find a missing Viking shield. Then protect the woman from something even more evil and race to escape the island before death catches up. Origin will lure you in with stunning artwork and bone-chilling audio, and then hold you captive as you explore dozens of bloodcurdling locations, search for useful items and solve cleverly designed puzzles. Innovations in this captivating prequel will have you interacting with cinematic videos to make split-second choices and solving dozens of unique mini-games. Tie the many threads of the Viking shield saga together. Every story has a beginning, but few are as horrifying as this. Features: Incredibly deep gameplay, there's always something to do; more 10 Hidden Object levels; bonus levels; Adorable graphics.
Full Demo 71MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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