Bibi Blocksberg 5: Verhexte Ferien [G] KIDDINX Entertainment GmbH 2001

This is an adventure game for children. Bibi goes into summer camp, and strange things start happening. Another witch must be responsible. Help Bibi and her friends to figure out the causes for the strange witchcraft and find a treasure. Investigate different locations, find useful items and use them to get more hints. Bewitched Holidays, a special adventure camp adventure awaits the little ones. Let's start with Bibi, the little witch and her friend Moni. What will Bibi be nibbling this time to preserve her witchcraft? At the camp, they're looking forward to some adventure: they need to find a treasure and find the right things together to build a sundial. But something is not right there - weird things are happening: Little Ice flies away, the group leader's cup just goes it alone, a piece of paper leaps off the tree and runs away, a bird turns into different species of birds. This is witchcraft. But Bibi has nothing to do with it. Another witch must have sneaked in here. Why is she doing nonsense at the camp and disturbing the witchcraft of Bibi? The player has to find out. In the "Log In", players can click four different yummy ice creams to save the game. Then it starts: in each scene funny animations wait for their discovery. Building a sundial is easy. If you own a compass, build it outside. For those who get stuck, there is a detailed help file on the CD-ROM. The game box also includes a poster and a raffle again.
German ISO Demo 153MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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