Búzios: Ecos da Liberdade [Pt] State University of Bahia / FAPESB 2010

This is an adventure game about the Búzios Revolt that happened in Bahia in the late eighteenth century. This game was developed at the State University of Bahia with funding from FAPESB. It's an adventure-style 2D game developed in Flash. The main character Francisco Vilar, who is fictional, is a Brazilian mulatto who will study law in Portugal, after completing his studies and returning to his hometown, Salvador - Bahia. The plot, combined with the historical content of the Tailors' Uprising, seeks to immerse the gamer into the atmosphere of eighteenth-century Salvador (1798 and 1799), dealing with slavery, economic, political and social context, as well as struggles for freedom and everyday and social imaginary. Some of the NPCs (non-playable characters) are well-known and well-known historical characters such as Cipriano Barata, Lucas Dantas, Manuel Faustino and Luiz Gonzaga. The game will be about the Revolt of tailors, the first social revolt of Brazil that added people belonging to different social strata. Thus, it will portray the province of Bahia during the period of 1798 and 1799. Showing scenarios representing Port area, Engenho and a vessel used for long trips in this period. The Búzios Project: Echoes of Freedom aims to simulate the context of Bahian society in the eighteenth century specifically the Revolt of Búzios and rescue a popular revolt that developed in Bahia, creating a space for students to construct concepts and meanings about this historical content mediated by an electronic game. This historical fact is considered the uprising of the end of the colonial period more incisive in the defense of the ideals of freedom and equality of the citizens propagated by the French Revolution, of which the inconfidentes pretend to proclaim the Republic. Most importantly, different sections of society participated in the movement, mainly representatives of the poorer and Afro-descendant classes. As well as aspects related to architecture, landscapes, places and the real characters of this historical moment will be portrayed with fidelity, mixed with fictional elements to show the atmosphere of tension and agitation that boiled in the streets of Salvador, and other states that hosted movements of revolt. Students and teachers will be faced with economic and social aspects, such as the desires of the subordinate class of colonial Brazil, having to make decisions and create strategies to solve the problems faced at the time, while at the same time they can overcome the reality of the game by analyzing the society in which we live.
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