Lost Treasures of the Templars, The: Mysteries of Maggia Stelex Software 2004

The Lost Treasure of the Templars - The Mysteries of Maggia is a "Myst-like" amateur casual adventure game that takes place in the small village of Maggia (Switzerland). The goal of the game is to find the fabulous lost treasure of the Templar Knights. In your investigation you will find clues, you will solve puzzles of every kind by collecting items and interacting with them. The game is divided in 6 short chapters... perfect for beginners and young gamers alike. Are you ready to venture through the streets of Maggia to find the fabulous lost loot? In your investigation you have to find clues, to solve any kind of puzzles, collect items and interact with the surrounding environment. Features: Maggia and all its alleys in more than 2,500 photographs; Original and creative riddles; More than 15 hours of actual play; Suitable for all ages; Instruction manual and solution included; Interactive map.
Italian Free Game 395MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Browser-Playable Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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