Echoed World Team DOTS 2017

This is a puzzle-based platformer, where mechanics and a story are bound together. The protagonist can no longer create life, but he can still manipulate with what has been already created. This process requires a lot of sacrifices to be made, but is often the only way to traverse through a slowly dying world, where creations are turning against their creator. Features: Use your powers to overcome platforming puzzles and challenges; Explore the captivating world set in an unfamiliar, exotic universe; Enjoy traversing the levels with full gamepad support; Feast your eyes on distinctive hand-painted graphics; Let your experience be enhanced by atmospheric soundtrack. The game was created as a student project and thus is not very lengthy. It was made during a few months of tutored game development classes. All the feedback we get on Echoed World will push our team even further.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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