Nights of Azure 2: Side story, Time Drifts Through the Moonlit Night Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd. 2017

An additional side story, "Time Drifts Through the Moonlit Night", will be added to the game. The side story can be triggered in the Hotel Lobby, after Chapter 2 is completed, and will take place between Chapters 2-7. Additionally, "Requiem Pink" costume for Aluche, which boosts all parameters, is included in this DLC. Sudden tremors shake the city of Eurulm, and everyone who is gathered at the Hotel Eterna can feel them too. According to the Shikigami, the tremors were caused by the crashing of a flying ship. Aluche and her companions head to investigate, unaware of the tragedy that is awaiting them at the site. You will be able to change the costumes when you progress the game and unlock the "Changing Room".
Download: None currently available

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