Rumu Robot House / Hammerfall Publishing 2017

Rumu is a single player, point and click, narrative-driven adventure game about a robot vacuum cleaner becoming self-aware under the watchful eye of the house AI, Sabrina. You are RUMU - a robot designed to clean, and to love. You awake in a fully automated Smart Home. Your only companions are Sabrina, the house AI and watchful guide, and the home's dysfunctional cast of semi-intelligent devices. (And Ada, the cat.) It's your job to keep the home spotless, cleaning up after your eccentric creators David and Cecily. When something draws you away from your home maintenance duties and into the hidden passageways and long forgotten rooms of the house, you'll be faced with challenging moral dilemmas forcing you beyond your programming to uncover the truth about the love and loss of your elusive family. A heartwrenching narrative to make you fall in love with mess. Performances from Allegra Clark (Dragon Age), Larissa Gallagher (Firewatch), Grant George (Fire Emblem Echoes). An engrossing original score by Matt Mclean (Orwell). A Smart Home littered with semi-intelligent devices to hack and to befriend. Point and click puzzles that lead Rumu down long-forgotten paths towards an unraveling mystery. A cozy isometric dollhouse environment that changes and evolves as you uncover the secrets of Rumu's family.
Download: None currently available

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