Magic Bubble [Tw] Funyours / Hong Yu technology 2000

In this Tetris variant when three magic bubbles of the same color are linked, bubbles can be eliminated. The eliminated bubbles will attack opponents in a frozen form. If you want to eliminate the frozen bubbles, bubbles must be eliminated in the surrounding when they will be unfrozen as a general bubble. The timely use of props or magic in the game, and observing the weakness of the opponent's attack mode are also important factors in winning victory. You can play the plot mode alone, you can play games with family members. It adds RPG elements like the plot mode has a large map, towns, shops and casinos where you can buy in the store items so that you can defeat the props. If you don't have enough money, you can go to the casino to try your luck. In the battle chest are a wide range of props with magic badges. If the luck is good enough, you can get the dream of prophecy in it. There's not only cute strange gelatin, but also in the "wind and color fantasy" popular character will also debut like warrior rodi, sorcerer fina, witch isabe, hunter Paz, etc. In addition to the above characters, the development team also prepared a few surprisingly hidden characters to wait for you to discover.
Chinese ISO Demo + Patch 364MB (uploaded by myloch)

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