Bear in the Big Blue House: Bear's Imagine That! Jim Henson Interactive / Knowledge Adventure 2000

This color-rich, tune-happy creativity-inducing visit to the Big Blue House of the popular children's TV show is a big bear hug of fun and make-believe. Great quality 3-D graphics and live-action video animations straight from the TV screen let youngsters interact with their favorite characters—including Ojo the bear cub, Pip and Pop and Tutter - while playing in five imagination-inspiring activities. There’s mounds of fun making sundaes in the kitchen using Tutter's "Laboratory of Creation" to launch flying scoops of ice cream into dishes and then get silly with toppings. In the attic, Bear and Ojo help kids get crafty using simple blueprints or letting them just build things themselves. Choose words to finish rhyming songs that Pip and Pop then sing, or help Ojo and Tutter put on a puppet show that rewrites traditional fairy tales to star Big Blue House characters. Outside, Ojo’s storybook gives kids the tools, backdrop scenes and props to create their own five-page story books and even voice-record their own story. Along the way are plenty of playful clickables, from the costume dressing magnets on the refrigerator to Bear's commentary on various stuff inside the house to Ojo's sketchbook. The navigation tools include the paw cursor indicating the clickables, the arrow cursor changing the rooms and the magnifying glass cursor locating the main activities.
ISO Demo 525MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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