Bibi und Tina 1: Aufregung auf dem Martinshof [G] BVM Produktion / KIDDINX 2001

Bibi Blocksberg, is a 13 year old witch who is inseparable friends with Tina and both have a horse: Amadeus and Sabrina. This is the main reason why all children who love horses love the stories with Bibi and Tina. A strange horse got lost on the Martinshof. Where does it come from? Who owns the wallet that Bibi and Tina find? Is the blond young man really the Count von Hohenfels? The players (ideally children between 7 and 12) must help solve the puzzle. With Tina in the stable, they even have their own horse. You can feed, pet and ride with him. And they learn how to properly care for a horse. A tip: When maintaining the horse pay attention to the exact order. The clicks on which Bibi conjures this time are not that easy to find. Incidentally, the cat must be searched for. She hid somewhere to get her kittens.
German ISO Demo 100MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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