Christmas Time Heroes Strife / Galaxy Trail 2010

The date is December 24th. A group of explorers and peacekeepers known as the Spectrum Force have stumbled upon a mysterious blue moon, and it appears to have ties with the Christmas holiday. Upon reaching the surface, they learn that a civil war is about to begin between the spirited Fawnful and the jealous, militaristic Rednoses, who are being led by a man known as Lord Sled. The Fawnful are on the losing side, and it's up to the skills of Indigo Sun and Violet Star to balance the scales and figure out what's going on. Can they stop the fighting in time for Christmas? There is a bigger focus on combat, the levels are more open-ended, and the enemies and bosses are more difficult to compensate for its short length. This is by no means an easy game. Each of the two playable characters - Indigo and Violet - have a different play style, so it's definitely worth it to try out both of them. There are 3 stages in total: Holiday Hill, Sleighbell City, and North Pole. Each stage has 3 different missions to complete, and all of them can be unlocked and accessed through a central hub area. At the end of each mission, you'll receive Spirit points based on how well you did and how much time you took, among other factors. Features: 2 playable characters with unique abilities; 5 different elemental powers for each character; A plethora of shiny items and powerups to collect; Dozens of enemy types and 3 distinct bosses; A modest story that ties each stage together.
Free Game 18MB (uploaded by The Daily Click)

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