Sleuthhounds: The Yuletide Tail SeaLeft Studios 2017

Christmas. A time of peace on earth. A time of goodwill to everyone. A time for friends and relatives to get on each others' nerves. As consulting detectives Jane Ampson and Pureluck Homes settle down to a less than harmonious Christmas day, word comes of a case. A case from an eccentric writer living in a secluded manor. The search is on for an item that not even the owner can remember. What secrets do these dusty halls hold? What bearing have they on the tensions between the detectives? And, most importantly, will there be figgy pudding at the end? Guide Jane Ampson and Pureluck Homes through this challenging Christmas caper. Features: Christmas themed mystery adventure game; Use Pureluck Homes and Jane Ampson together to circumvent obstacles in a dilapidated mansion; Story-based gameplay challenges your wits not your reflexes; Multiple endings to uncover; One handed point-n-click interface lets you play even while eating Christmas dinner; Different difficulty settings, a hotspot highlighter, and a built in hint system let you set your own challenge; Unwrap, er, unlock achievements, collectibles, and special features throughout this Christmas case.
Download: None currently available

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