Gourmania Butterfly iSoft / Alawar Entertainment, Inc. 2008

This is a combination of management and hidden object games. The player is the owner of a restaurant, and has to prepare dishes and serve the food to arriving customers, within a time limit. Each screen shows ingredients scattered throughout the restaurant, and the customer orders at the top of the screen. The order lists the ingredients needed and has a diminishing green meter at the left side showing the customer patience. A satisfied customer pays more. To prepare the food, the player has to find and click on the ingredients. After all the ingredients are collected, the more complex recipes require an extra step, showing an icon of a kitchen utensil, like knifes and cutting boards, frying pans and others, that has to be dragged and dropped in an equivalent icon at the top of the screen. This icon has a red meter around it, that shows the progress of the action being performed (slicing, cooking, etc). After the dish is served, the order shows a cash payment that must be quickly collected to allow a new customer. Every stage has a minimum money goal, and an expert one. The money accumulated can be spent on new equipment and upgrades, and acquiring the new restaurants that become available as the game progresses. A bonus game appears after three stages, where the ingredients have to be placed on scrolling panels showing their silhouettes. Once a panel is full, it disappears. The objective is to fill them as fast as possible to win new recipes. There are multiple bonuses for using all the available utensils at the same time, finding the ingredients in order and collecting multiple payments at once. Some stages have hourglasses in the scenery, that add a few minutes to the timer when collected.
Full Demo 66MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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