Super Dungeon Boy Tower Up Studios 2017

This is an insane combat, platform and exploration game with retro graphics where you must show what you are capable of. Far more important than knowing how you got stuck in a dungeon is knowing how to get out of it. A bow possessed by a bright spirit is all you have in your favor to move on. But do not hurry, for there are many secrets to be discovery and riches to be won. Fight or die - Find the best way to fight your enemies and go forward safely. Your life depends on it. Explore - The dark caves hide many secrets. Test your explorer skills and find treasures in every dark corner of the caves. Be sure to look under each rock. Achievement Showcase - Show to your friends who is the master. What you will find: 26 challenging levels, each with its own achievement; 69 insane achievements; 78 secret areas ... but do not count on it, because they will remain SECRETS. What you will NOT find: Additional joystick NOT included... DO NOT break yours; NOOB mode - HARD mode is the only game mode available. Warning - This game can cause many SWEARS and obscene gestures.
Download: None currently available

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